About Us

At LBB we believe that there is no better proof of a commitment to service than a project which demonstrates the integrity of its builder. What we do is not unique but what we believe in is unique, our commitment to honesty, concern for the client, timeliness, budgets and delivering a quality project.

1993 - Ladybird Investment Founded

Ladybird Investment was established in 1993. Initially the company was based in Shakawe, with a focus on carpentry work for camps in the area such.

1994 - Relocated to Maun

From here, the company relocated to Maun in 1994 to establish a larger ‘lodge- orientated’ carpentry shop. As time went on, and the demand for renovation built, the business slowly moved from being a small scale-workshop into full scale construction

1996 - First Major contract

By 1996, the original ‘carpentry shop’ was closed as Ladybird Investments accepted its first major contract to rebuild; Savute Elephant Lodge. This marked the beginning of a very unique construction company.

2005 - Became Lodge Builders Botswana

In 2005, the company changed it’s trading name to  Lodge Builders Botswana, and would be the beginning of yet another expanding era which would re-instate the company as the undisputed leader in the construction of lodges in the Delta.

Where it all began

It was back in 1993 that Ladybird Investment was established by director, Antonie Lamont. Based in Shakawe, it was a company focused on carpentry work for camps in the area such as  Drotsky’s Cabins, Nxamaseri, and Shakawe fishing lodge. Then, it relocated to Maun in 1994 to launch a larger ‘lodge-oriented’ carpentry shop.

As time went on, the demand for renovation grew, and the business gradually moved from being a small-scale workshop into full-scale construction. By 1996, the original carpentry shop had closed as Ladybird Investments accepted its first major contract to rebuild Savute Elephant Lodge. This marked the birth of an entirely unique construction company.

In the following years, the business became completely mobile, moving from site to site as needed and adapting to the specific challenges and requirements of a wild and untouched setting. The skills acquired through this form of construction allowed the company and its team to specialise in building in the Delta.

Meanwhile, it was in 2005 that Adriaan van der Merwe, who was involved in the company from 1999 and a shareholder since 2002, returned to Maun to take over the company from Antonie Lamont. Under this new management, the company’s trading name changed to Lodge Builders Botswana, and so was the beginning of yet another expanding era which would reinstate it as the undisputed leader in the construction of lodges in the Delta.

Due to the ever-increasing demands for quality and work output, Gideon Barnard, former director at Stefanutti Stocks in Botswana, was employed by LBB in 2014 on a consultant basis to reduce the pressure on top level management. In June 2016, Gideon took over the managing director role from Adriaan van der Merwe, a further step towards poising the company for yet another exciting era.

Together with the appointment of Gideon, LBB created (and filled) a few other top and medium management posts to help the existing management team. Gideon tells us more about the team: “The company was the first to have a 100% Motswana workforce, trained inhouse, to carry out work that was previously done by expatriate contract workers. With numerous new generations of lodges springing up within the Delta, the company grew from strength to strength, delivering a highly professional product at a very cost-effective rate, and a the same time enriching the local community with skills and revenue.”

Gideon continues, “Over time, we have built up tremendous experience in the art of lodge construction. We have been lucky enough to work with leading architects in the field, coupled with several safari companies, each coming together to bring their own style and interpretation of the Delta and all it has to offer.”

Ultimately, the LBB team’s professional work ethic and end results have generated a wide base of returning clients. LBB is very proud to link its name to some of the most prestigious lodges in the Delta.

Since its humble beginnings, LBB has grown in skill as well as workforce, but at its roots, its beliefs have remained untouched. LBB believes in a sustainable future, it believes in reuse where possible, and most importantly, it believes in letting nature speak for itself.

Meet the Team

We start the day with a morning meeting, we plan the day, we share our plans, we talk about tomorrow, we share our thoughts. The best time of the day.

One just cannot get a team that works better together like this group of people, where the one is weak the other is strong, only together can we succeed, and with this group, LBB succeeds.