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Ladybird Investment Founded

Ladybird Investment was established in 1993. Initially the company was based in Shakawe, with a focus on carpentry work for camps in the area such.

Relocated to Maun

 From here, the company relocated to Maun in 1994 to establish a larger ‘lodge- orientated’ carpentry shop. 

As time went on, and the demand for renovation built, the business slowly moved from being a small scale-workshop into full scale construction

First Major contract

By 1996, the original ‘carpentry shop’ was closed as Ladybird Investments accepted its first major contract to rebuild; Savute Elephant Lodge. This marked the beginning of a very unique construction company. 

Became Lodge Builders Botswana

In 2005, the company changed it's trading name to  Lodge Builders Botswana, and would be the beginning of yet another expanding era which would re-instate the company as the undisputed leader in the construction of lodges in the Delta.


At LBB we believe that there is no better proof of a commitment to service than a project which demonstrates the integrity of its builder. What we do is not unique but what we believe in is unique, our commitment to honesty, concern for the client, timeliness, budgets and delivering a quality project.

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