Xigera Camp

…probably the biggest challenge in Lodge Building in Southern Africa.


  • prototype in a factory building in Cape Town.
  • And then the sleep-out hide; The Baobab. A masterpiece, partly build in Cape Town, partly on site
  • an amazing new Foundation system, almost no cement, incredible environmentally friendly construction
  • a contractor to replace some of the some vegetation lost
  • Facilities:
    spa, swimming pools, satellite kitchen, main areas


…biggest LBB build at the time

12 months project

  • built a temporary base camp on Chiefs Island. We stationed trucks on the island, with a temporary workshop to service vehicles.
  • From Maun to River, barges overnight as to ensure that daily traffic is not disturbed, but driving at night in the park is not allowed. So Barges had to wait for sunrise as to move into the park area. Load onto the trucks and take it to site. At least 36 hours per load from Maun to site.

Jao Camp

An artists dream….


  • 8 months project
  • Lodge rebuild
  • Steel structure manufactured in Johannesburg
  • Facilities:
    spa, swimming pools, satellite kitchen, main areas

Chief's Camp

  • Main area rebuilt and complete rebuilt and re-pitching of roofs to guest unit as well as the spa

Duma Tau Camp

The new age of traditional lodges


  • Build a totally new Little Duma Tau Main Area, renovate the existing Main Area, and build a new Spa- Treatment Area, Main Pool Area with the most amazing pool area ever. Also renovate and enlarge the rooms. We also re-position some rooms and build some new
  • New jetty’s and restore the floating fire deck.

Kings Pool Camp

Built on a vast pool – full of Hippos… the name says it all


  • Chiefs have so much tradition that it was clear that we needed to keep it as such.
  • For the first time we use pre-coated flooring.
  • Thatch Roofs, Canvas walls….and rooms with 180 degree view.
  • Completely redid the main area


…bringing thatch and canvas together…

  • completely thatched roofs in the bedrooms
  • Built a family suite with own kitchen and dining room, with a great view over the water.
  • Completely rebuilt the Main Area, Rooms and some back of house structures.

Chitabe Camp

the first mix between thatch and steel….


  • Main area and walkways rebuilt
  • Steel manufactured in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.
  • the most ambitious walkway, resembles the Boomslang at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Eagle Island

  • Complete demolition of old lodge and complete rebuild of new lodge

Savuti Elephant Camp


  • 8 months project
  • Complete new Main Area, Complete new Staff Village and renovation of the Rooms. 
  • This site had previous landfill issues; so  we had to re-establish the earth prior to the build.
  • The first heated swimming pool installation in this area.

Duba Explorers


  • 4 months project
  • After completing the Duba Main Camp, we demolished the Temporary Camp and moved it to its permanent Base.
  • We used environmentally friendly sand bags to build temporary roads, then demolish the whole camp and move  in 6 days.
  • The move had to include moving furniture.


One of the best tented camps in the world

  • This re-build was done in 2 phases, first just the rooms then later the Renovations of the Main Area, Pool Area, and Kitchen etc
  • Both these 2 builds had to be done in record time as the camp was closed on a specific date and then needed to be re-opened again on a specific date. The closing were always during the “off – season”
  • Relatively small Rooms with extremely clever designs makes this a super nice structure, combined with clever “latte” designs.

Duba Plains Camp


  • 7 months project
  • We built a temporary camp for client operation to continue, before we took it down to re-build completely.
  • We also re-built the entire staff village including Laundry and staff kitchen.
  • Due to the rising of water levels, we had to use “river transport”.
  • Contract included new site services, new solar, water and sewer plants.


  • Complete demolition of old lodge and complete rebuild of new lodge

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